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The Process

  1. TPN tests and trends over 50 points of the parking facility and provides expertise and guidance to the facility’s operator.
  2. The property manager is provided a report that allows him or her to get a quick overview of operations and key areas of focus in under a minute.
  3. TPN confirms in subsequent testing that best practices are put in place and loopholes in revenue controls are closed.

Performance Monitoring was developed to Reimagine the traditional audit process.

A technology-driven solution, Performance Monitoring creates a real-time, ongoing collaboration between the owner, the operator, and the auditors. 
By gaining remote access to your parking equipment, we focus on current and future operations, protecting and increasing parking revenue and reducing your risk.

Benefits of periodic maintenance:

  • Decrease risk of fraud

  • Tool for management to improve their parking asset

  •  Increased revenue on a monthly basis

                   Audits are about IDENTIFYING mistakes of the past...

                             PM Makes sure those Mistakes never happen.